10 Ways Procrastination Can cost you your time

Procrastination is the root cause of every problem in your life. It doesn’t matter how many ideas you have and how great they are. If you don’t execute, nothing will happen. Did you ever try to analyze why your life is not running the way you want it? What is stopping you?

Think about it!

If you inspect your life and all the activities, you’re doing daily. You’ll understand how procrastination is sucking your life out of you. You may say, I lack motivation. I have self-esteem problems and all other excuses. You are looking at the wrong place.

How are you supposed to get motivated or increase your self – esteem when you’re not taking action? Postponing things is the worst habit that will sabotage your life.

You might have heard different stories but only a handful of people tell you how it destroys your life. Here are 10 points on how your habits of putting things off for another day is sucking the life out of you.

1. Kills Your Confidence

There is a reason why the term “confidence” is so popular in the self-development industry. A confident person can deal with any kind of problem. They don’t get discouraged by failure. They keep doing things despite how many times they have failed. And that’s how you kill procrastination.

Many people give up so soon because of failure. Once you give up, your postponing habits will find its way to you. And once it finds its way to you, you’ll be where you are right now for the rest of your life.

The more you postpone, the more you’ll doubt yourself. You’ll keep doubting your abilities, your skills and talents. The more you doubt, the more you’ll lack confidence. And if you want to keep your confidence, do the things instead of postponing it for another time.

2. Procrastination Kills Your Time

Nothing on this planet earth is as precious as time. The more you delay, the more you’re killing your time. What can be more devastating than letting your time pass by right in front of your eyes?

Time and tide wait for none. I am sure you have heard this quote. The more you’re letting your precious time pass by, the more you’re losing your life. Time equals life and life equals time. The more you procrastinate, the more you waste time. And the more you waste your time, the more you’re missing the beauty of life.

Postponing is a habit that can sabotage every area of your life. It kills your precious time. But lots of people live as if they’ll live forever and take time for granted.

3. It is a Self-Limiting Paradox

The moment you procrastinate is the moment you start to self-limit yourself. The more you postpone, the more you limit yourself instead of achieving more for yourself.

When you limit yourself, nothing in the world can help you to become who you want to be. The world is a beautiful place, and there are lots of opportunities out there. But if you limit yourself and give out the control of your life. You’ll miss lots of things that the world is willing to give you.

Remember, life has a lot of offers, but only if you keep the door open. When you put things off for another day, you’re closing all doors that bring in fortune and happiness to your life. You are cutting off all the probably to success. You are inviting laziness and distraction in your life.

4. It keeps you distracted

Procrastination appears in different forms and it keeps you distracted. There are thousands of things that can distract you. And if you keep getting distracted, you’ll reach a point in life where even a tiny beep can distract you.  You’ll lack focus and concentration.

Just imagine how your life would be if you can’t focus on a thing for even 5 minutes. How are you going to complete the journey to success?

Social media has become the biggest distraction in the present world. One beep, just one beep on a cell phone is enough to distract a person from his/her work. The more you keep yourself distracted, the more you’re letting it suck the life out of you.

5. Regrets Govern your Life

Regrets are very dangerous. It could even lead a person to commit suicide. When a person continues the habits of putting things off for tomorrow, he/she is piling up regrets. And if they keep going the way as it is, they won’t be able to carry the burden for too long.

It’s difficult to get off the regrets from your shoulder. The more you procrastinate, the more you are missing out on important moments and events in life. The more you miss beautiful moments and events, the more you pile up regrets in your life.

I am sure you don’t want to live your life with regrets. When life has so many things to offer, why do people even procrastinate?

6. Procrastination can Cause Serious Health Problems

When was the last time you visited a hospital for a medical checkup? I guess most of you can’t even recall it. Humans are prone to diseases and illnesses. We don’t know what’s going on inside our body unless we do a regular checkup.

Most of you don’t even think about going to the hospital before you get a serious problem. Most of you wait for the doctor to say if you would have come a little earlier, it could have been a lot easier.

If you’re a chronic procrastinator, I am sure you have gone for a party more than the hospital. If that’s what you like, be it that way. But make sure not to have regrets later in life.

Life is beautiful, but without good health life is miserable.

7. Your Career is at Risk

If you’re in a corporate world. You know how it works. There is no space for laziness and excuses. If you don’t complete your task on time, your job is at great risk.

Could you imagine how life would be if you’re asked to leave your dream job? It will be the worst day of your life. That the power procrastination. If you don’t take precautions and keep things off for tomorrow, you could be the next homeless man on the street.

This applies not only to regular office individuals. Every person for all walks of life can be the next victim if they are a procrastinator.

8. Laziness Becomes Your Best Friend


Procrastination has a direct connection with Laziness. You procrastinate because you’re lazy. Though there are other reasons why you put things off. But laziness is the primary reason.

If you are procrastinating because of low energy level, work complexity and other things. You can overcome it but if laziness is why you procrastinate. You’re in trouble! You must change your habits as soon as possible. Laziness will make your life boring as hell. You won’t find excitement in anything. The more you lazily sit on your couch and watch Netflix, the more you push yourself to the dark side

9. Your life gets less exciting

When do you think life is exciting? Well, for me when I do the things I want to do. Life gets exciting when you accomplish your targeted goals every single day. When you have time for your work, social life, families, and partner.

But if you are a chronic procrastinator. You’ll be missing out on all the precious moments because procrastinators love their comfort zones.

The world is beautiful and exciting outside the comfort zone, not on your couch. Life is an experiment, and you should try everything possible. But procrastinators don’t understand that and live an unfulfilling life. They blame the world for what’s happening in their life instead of looking at themselves.

10. You’re always in a state of confusion

Procrastination is the gap between intention and action. A person will intend to do things but will never take action. Being in a state of confusion makes a person a bad decision-maker. They always decide at the last minute. And anything decided at the last moment is a bad decision most of the time.

Life is confusing in itself. Why do you want to make it more complicated? Being in a conscious state of mind far from confusion and dilution, you shape a perfect life for yourself. But being a procrastinator, you’re not in control of your life.


Laziness and your excuses are the strongest enemies every individual has to face. You give up the fight and it sucks the life out of you. If you stand still and face it, you’ll be stronger than ever.

The more a person keeps feeding the devil, the stronger it gets. Eventually, it will suck out every breath of life from you. It feeds on your soul. If you are not cautious enough, life will take a different turn that you have never imagined.

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